Monday, September 21, 2009

Orientating Orientation.

Here goes nothing... Adventure begins.
I have been sent to a three week orientation to learn what how to be a volunteer and take care of yourself etc... Most of the people here have no idea where they will be sent when the three weeks are up, but they will be staying in the USA. We are at a retreat centre in a tiny Maryland town. The town is like a cross between Gilmore Girls and that movie the with Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker - where they are all witches... You know (and love) the one. Everyone says soda, sophomore year, and candy bars and it is making me crazy. However, the nine kids from Germany here must be more annoyed because
no one is speaking any German. We have to cook for the group on a tiny budget. We are given $50 for 24 people to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am in a group with two German boys straight out of high school. Both of whom have never lived on their own, cooked, or know the english translations for kinds of food. So I am basically just bossing them around. Which is fine with me (bossy mcbossypants couldn't be happier).
-Our backyard...

I don't like this blogging thing... Because I am not even interested in what I am writing. So if you are interested in updates, comment and stuff so I don't feel so silly.


  1. Sounds like fun.....??? Enjoy bossing around the boys, you LOVE doing that, so focus on the good stuff. Bet you feel old. Have a soda and a candy bar and remember all the fun of your sophmore year, either high school or university.

    The movie you struggle for is Hocus Pocus. Hope it's not like the Salem witch trials.

  2. The good stuff is coming Jill! Remember to enjoy every moment, two yrs is nothing, it will go by so fast!

  3. I hope the $50.00 is for one day or you will be eating a lot of rice. You make a great boss.

  4. Each meal is on a different day - we got a great deal on damaged celery, peppers and eggplant. Soup and Eggplant Chili it is.
    It is totally reminiscent of the Salem witch trials though - the location, not the program.

  5. Hi, you will be the Culinary Princess after this session! Your next job could be writing a cookbook to make meals from a shoestring! Hang in there, we're all thinking about you.