Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dearest blog,

I'm sorry I've given up on you. I think the two years we had together were nice. I did my best to pay attention to you. I'm sorry I was distracted by Europe, my job and reality. I don't know how to break this to you, break-ups are so hard, oh well i guess that did the job...

We are going to have to take an official break, I'm not breaking up with the blogging world officially, but this URL is going to have to go. I'm still hungry, I always will be, who isn't?  But I don't think I'm Hungary. I will have to find a new pun... A German pun! My Germanplatz is fantatische so it shouldstraßer not be difficultdorf to find one schnell. Does that sound schön to you?

I'm leaning towards something about donuts... seeing as I will be a Berliner.

Right now now I need to focus on phoning German Embassies, moving an office space to Germany, finding an apartment in Berlin, going home for Christmas, packing my bags, saying goodbye to Budapest, planning my post September 2012 life... There is so much more I could bring up, but why dear blog? The result will still be the same.

I bet you already saw the end coming, I've neglected you so much lately, did you know that I went to Denmark again? Don't worry, I won't be out of your life forever, I'll keep you online in the hopes of someone stumbling upon it and sending me a nice email about how they read it.

I've prepared a picture montage to remember this relationship... I hope it isn't too painful.

All the best "This Girl is Hungary",

This girl.

 -A Slovakian dog eating the Slovakian box in which he sits

 -A Slovakian Guard in a "Hungarian Castle"in Zvolen

-A silly Danish toaster 

 -A trendy Danish statue

-Not Columbian kids in Enschede 

-Not Canadian's in Munster 

-A Canadian in Munster 

 -A Munster in Munster

-The excitement of a train trip from Munster-Budapest

-The disappointment caused by a stop-over in a 4 star hotel in Munich on a trip from Munster-Budapest

 -That is Frau Jill Piebiak to you!

 -Cake and Coffee in a tiny Hungarian town

-Scared in Prague 

-Prague, land of oversized chairs, Czech Republic 

-Cambridge sidewalks 

-"Working" in Finland

 -Being thrown over a wall in Croatia by my Father

-Eating Sausages on a day trip to Vienna 

-Hungarian Camel Balls 

 -Probably the coolest tourists in Budapest's Castle District

-Taken just moments before and only mere minutes after eating glorious feta cheese and Greek yogurt 

-This looks like a romantic holiday in Santorini!

 -WRONG! Third wheeling it through Greece

-Some were less excited about this than others 

-A private beach

-Just kidding! Semi-private. (kidding... a goat... get it?)

-Taken just moments before and just seconds after saying the word RUINES like Stewy... Chances are that the photographer was yelling RUINES as this was being taken.

-Working... Thankfully this picture doesn't capture fear of public speaking

-Also working... Thankfully this picture doesn't capture fear of giant people.

-My work continued - This picture doesn't properly capture fear of fog monsters. 

-Work also includes genuine excitement after eating Austrian marzipan chocolates soaked in rum and lit on fire.

-Good-bye tram I take to work :(

-Good bye dear tiny paper cars

-I must move to Berlin, city of things like the above... 

-...and my hooded wedding dress. 

Stay classy blog! I'll miss you!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Airport security is touchy in the non-emotional sense of the word.

It was upwards of 40 degrees today. Our office hit 30 degrees. I have reason to believe I sweat out my ability to think clearly, read and/or write. I've also spent an abnormal amount of time this week with the Danish so I might be writing and speaking Danglish - I am not sure...Good luck reading this post.

Since I last posted I've been to Cologne and Bonn! They are right next to one another so don't get too excited about all my travels. I went to Cologne for a Chad Vangaalan concert - it was wonderful (don't click that link if you don't like swear words).

This was my general experience with the plane ride there:

I forgot to take off my watch before walking through the security scanner thing. Knowing that the band, though wood on the outside, is entirely made of metal I gestured to Hungarian, super-security woman that I'd like to put it in my basket. "Basket too far through scanner" she glared at me.

So, of course, I set the stupid scanner off and get pulled to the side to get felt up in public.

The woman and the gloves, that have touched everyone, went everywhere to the point of feeling that we should have at least been formally introduced. Why she wasn't using the back of her hands is beyond me. I was wearing shorts and a tank top there were VERY few places to check for weapons and yet it took a VERY long time.

When she concluded that my I didn't manage to tape bombs to the bottoms of my feet and then shove them into a pair of sandals I was allowed to leave. I felt a little bit better that she had to touch my stinky, bare feet. After my cheap thrills I fell asleep (as most do) with my mouth open before take-off because I am all kinds of classy when I have to wake up at 5:30am.

Other disgusting things that happened on this journey:

  • The guy sitting in the window seat in the row behind me threw a plastic bag full of what appeared to be shit into the garbage tray. Tossed over an entire row of people a bag of shit. Entire row of people. A bag of shit. SHIT.
  • Someone opened and ate what smelled like fish food just in time for landing. 
In conclusion: The general public is a miserable group.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Big Break

I don't want to be famous but it seems like a pretty sought after thing to be. I also don't mean to brag but this might just be my big break. 
-This sentence here, is the link to my FAME.

That is some ground breaking cellphone photojournalism for you.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

If I've done the math right - You're 63!

Happy Birthday Piebs!

Thanks for cleaning my apartment, driving me to the ski hill and always paying as little attention as me in church:

Hope your day was great and that Grandma didn't steal all your birthday thunder!

ummm that being said....

Happy Birthday Mooka Smid!

I love you enough to post a picture of me with a crying nose! I hope you had a great day. I am sure you and Dad really partied hard. Next time we hang out we will take better pictures. 

Love love love!

Friday, July 22, 2011

The + sign gets a Tonne of Lovin'

I joined Google+. I might be one of your friends if you ask politely. I will even send you an invitation if you insist. I just can't guarantee I will feed any information to you. The main reason is that I don't understand how it works.

Questions I have:
  • Do people know that I've named most of my circles offensive titles so I am reminded not to share things with them?
  • If you are 'hanging out' alone and you forget you are 'hanging out' are you warned when someone comes to 'hang out' with you and finds that you are just sitting there braiding your hair in a complete circle around your head and singing along to Outkast or can they just quietly leave?
  • Did anyone 'hang-out' with me an hour ago?
  • Can people Google the following "Things Jill clicked the +1 for" and see the things I've clicked the +1 on? If they can, I need to stop clicking those....
  • Are the developers of Google+ tired of reading "How does this work?", "If I post something to just one person's feed and then comment on that post is the comment still private?", "Can you see this?", "Is this public?", "Where is your wall?", "Why can't I poke anyone", "Can people read that I've put them in a circle with an offensive title?"?
  • Why did I have to share my Picasa account? If Google+ keeps getting used does that mean so will Picasa? Aw man, that would really suck!
  • How many Friends does Mark Zuckerberg have?
  • Can you suggest a solution for putting people into circles? How does one divide people into categories? I've got nine people in circles and I am already up to six circles because I can't commit.
  • Does anyone else's pinky hurt really badly because they are using it to find the damn + sign all the time?
Things I like about Google+:
  • It doesn't have Facebook privacy settings and the constantly changing Facebook messaging system.
  • Nothing else.... yet. You've still got a few weeks to woo me Google+... I'm looking for something new... flirt, flirt. 
Things I dislike about Google+:
  • It made me feel lonely.
Things that don't make me feel lonely that maybe should:
  • Cooking enough fajitas for four people even though you know you are the only one eating.
  • Eating enough fajitas for two.
  • Watching an entire season of Veronica Mars in one week.
  • Realising the word bored and amped are the same numbers on a cell phone and finding it totally and utterly hilarious.... alone.
  • Braiding my hair while singing along to Outkast.

Editor's Note and WARNING: Oh god! The things you've +1ed on Google definitely show up on your Google+ Page. Prominently.