Friday, July 22, 2011

The + sign gets a Tonne of Lovin'

I joined Google+. I might be one of your friends if you ask politely. I will even send you an invitation if you insist. I just can't guarantee I will feed any information to you. The main reason is that I don't understand how it works.

Questions I have:
  • Do people know that I've named most of my circles offensive titles so I am reminded not to share things with them?
  • If you are 'hanging out' alone and you forget you are 'hanging out' are you warned when someone comes to 'hang out' with you and finds that you are just sitting there braiding your hair in a complete circle around your head and singing along to Outkast or can they just quietly leave?
  • Did anyone 'hang-out' with me an hour ago?
  • Can people Google the following "Things Jill clicked the +1 for" and see the things I've clicked the +1 on? If they can, I need to stop clicking those....
  • Are the developers of Google+ tired of reading "How does this work?", "If I post something to just one person's feed and then comment on that post is the comment still private?", "Can you see this?", "Is this public?", "Where is your wall?", "Why can't I poke anyone", "Can people read that I've put them in a circle with an offensive title?"?
  • Why did I have to share my Picasa account? If Google+ keeps getting used does that mean so will Picasa? Aw man, that would really suck!
  • How many Friends does Mark Zuckerberg have?
  • Can you suggest a solution for putting people into circles? How does one divide people into categories? I've got nine people in circles and I am already up to six circles because I can't commit.
  • Does anyone else's pinky hurt really badly because they are using it to find the damn + sign all the time?
Things I like about Google+:
  • It doesn't have Facebook privacy settings and the constantly changing Facebook messaging system.
  • Nothing else.... yet. You've still got a few weeks to woo me Google+... I'm looking for something new... flirt, flirt. 
Things I dislike about Google+:
  • It made me feel lonely.
Things that don't make me feel lonely that maybe should:
  • Cooking enough fajitas for four people even though you know you are the only one eating.
  • Eating enough fajitas for two.
  • Watching an entire season of Veronica Mars in one week.
  • Realising the word bored and amped are the same numbers on a cell phone and finding it totally and utterly hilarious.... alone.
  • Braiding my hair while singing along to Outkast.

Editor's Note and WARNING: Oh god! The things you've +1ed on Google definitely show up on your Google+ Page. Prominently. 

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