Sunday, July 3, 2011

I can haz intrnetz?

My internet is broken today. So I’ve spent two hours in a café nursing a latte and a hangover this afternoon. I lasted another couple of hours in my apartment making fresh baby potatoes, corn on the cob and yellow beans (covered in too much salt and pepper and butter) and knit about three centimetres on my new project. I thought that reading a book would be too isolating from the world so I’ve gone to another café to steal their wifi. Going to the same one would be a failure.

I would rather stay here online than at home in pyjamas. I really don’t have much to tell you other than that. I like the internet a lot. I don’t do lots on it but when it’s broken it’s the same feeling as when the TV and power goes out in a storm and you have to turn on the radio. What if there is a flash flood, tornado or zombie apocalypse I need to know about?

I suppose I could write blog entries about that time I went to Denmark via Dusseldorf and ended up in a classy airport hotel due to a delayed plane. Or how I cried in the Deutsche Bahn office when I bought the wrong kind of ticket and they wouldn’t give me my money back for user stupidity. Or that time I ate salad in Hamburg during the peak of the E-Coli scare and put my body into high stress worrying for the next two weeks. But I would rather click through pointless Tumblrs.

This café has banana chocolate mascarpone cheesecake (a full layer of fresh bananas…); I will be staying a while.

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