Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Freak Rain

A weather report for you, because it seems as if I don't really have anything more interesting to talk about lately.

It's been hot. Really hot. Like two weeks of over 30 degrees hot. It's forced me to tan, swim in abandoned quarries, and sweat more than I am willing to admit. For two weeks an impending thunder shower was always been promised for the next day, then would bump itself to the next day, and the next, and the next. Headaches were commonplace. Last night it finally broke and I am wearing a sweater and slippers and am in bliss.

However, the other day there was a freak storm. I was walking down my street heading for the bridge a block away, there was not a cloud to be seen. It wasn't a blue sky though. It was more of a hazy sky of pollution and sweat. All of a sudden some water hit my shoulder and I enviously looked up to see who's air conditioner was the culprit. No air conditioner. Ok, that's weird. Another hit - my eye. The first thought that went to my mind was that pigeons might have started pooping cold poop and now it was in my eye. That was weird.

The pavement slowly, so slowly, also seemed to be getting splashed with giant water drops. So I continued to look up at the apartment buildings as this must be a cruel joke. The woman walking next to me was equally confused so I wasn't the only one looking like an idiot trying to understand where on earth RAIN could be coming from.

By the time I reached the corner of my street it had stopped.

By the time I reached the bridge half a block further it had turned into a DOWNPOUR. Sun, haze, 40 degree heat and now RAIN. I got halfway across the bridge and it was over. The invisible clouds moved on leaving behind a city reminiscent of a Junior High locker room after someone turned all the showers on super hot, but no one actually took a shower, they just left their sweaty boy clothes behind.

I would like to say that I can promise future posts will be less sweat-laden, but that is something I am not willing to commit to.

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