Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Feminism" Lost in Translation

There was some sort of "art" display going on the other day... Well, I think it would be hard to categorize this as art, so maybe it was just a historical display of sorts. We couldn't get past the unarmed guard or tape and I was too lazy to go back once it opened. It could have been to do with International Women's Day or perhaps just laundry detergent. After some minimal research on the display I feel like I can now judge this exhibition and it's intentions.

Apparently it was called: "Greatest Innovations for Women"... Or something spectacular like that. I probably shouldn't have done the research because it got me all angry to the point where I had four Simone de Beauvoir books, the Feminist Mystic and the Female Eunuch in a basket on FYI you can't ship books to Hungary which is probably a good thing in terms of my bank account.

So without further ado I present to you:

"Things that Make Women Pretty, Appliances, and a Pant Suit"

-To be fair the washing machine was a really important invention in terms of the work load women had in the home and what they were able to accomplish because they didn't have to spend all that time on laundry. Thanks "Politics of Gender 101".

-I can't really argue that much with this one either... Right, Hilary?

-Ah, the luxury of a hoover (with it's own security guard) how convenient! I hate it when I go to get the vacuum out and it has been stolen, again...

-Where would we women be with out the Mascara wand? Still using tooth brushes to put mascara, stupidly squishing mascara into our eyes with our fingers? Not wearing mascara at all? What tiny eyes the women of the past must have had!! No wonder they weren't able to own property.

-Somehow I doubt this represents Lipstick Feminism.

-This was really a only a revolution in wrinkle free pants... Something I clearly have never partaken in nor have any interest in taking part in.

-Hair volume! How did women manage to get the vote with flat hair?

- Women's equality was only realized when they figured out how to grow the right leg.

-The Padded Bra - Making boobs the same shape since 1913...

-If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution

I keep writing rants and new list of things that could have or should have been displayed and then deleting them. Maybe it was just too hard to make giant impressive statues of statutes, laws and divorce papers... and how do you sell laundry detergent that way?

But it has to be said - where the hell was the Pill? Isn't that the ultimate symbol of the feminist movement? Wasn't it a pretty important moment in history when women could stop having babies all the time? BLARG!!!

Oh and the Tampon (how the home-made paint sketch made it into that wikipedia article is beyond me).

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