Saturday, October 2, 2010

One Year of Posts Unposted

Blogging is hard... It is like keeping a journal for a sociology class that is only worth 10 percent of your grade. 10 percent could bump you in the top of the class or keep you in the mediocre middle where you are comfortable... The middle is so nice and cozy.

That metaphor sucked. Wait, I used the word like. That simile was garbage. Now THAT metaphor was awesome.

I started this disaster "remember me people I don't live near anymore" blog over a year ago. A YEAR! Can you believe it? Me neither. There were so many things I wanted to blog about but chose to download and watch television instead. To name a few:
  • Hungarian Toilet Paper - it is usually has a floral or sea theme and comes in every colour in the pastel rainbow. It is almost always scented. There is nothing I hate more than scented toilet paper. I wanted to do a whole pictorial exposes, but rarely have a camera with me in those places.
  • My old flat was a time bomb of gas powered apparatuses. Everywhere I turned there was a pilot light. I became freakishly obsessed with making sure all the pilot lights were lit. I once spent about 20 minutes trying to take a picture of how the flame would shoot out into the shower when you turned on the hot water (yes the water heater was in the shower), but it was impossible to be so quick/photo savvy.
  • I went to a concert in a HUGE concert hall with one entrance/exit that was only accessible by one flight of stairs. I couldn't enjoy the music because I was too terrified of 1. a fire and 2. getting out after the concert.
  • My bike "Rosa Parks" and my trip to work with her every morning. She is a heavy, old bike that I always wanted to tell you about internet world. I didn't name her.
  • I own a vacuum cleaner that even if I turn out all the lights, unplug everything (including the fridge and washing machine) it is still too powerful for the breaker. Perhaps it is for the better that I can't turn it on. Who knows what that powerful beast would do.
There are so many things, internet I wanted to share with you but didn't. I would like to think this second year will be better, but it won't. I don't like to make promises I can't keep. I committed to a library card for year two - so at least for a couple of weeks I am going to pretend I read more.

In about 20 days I will have been in Hungary for a year - Neat! Here are pictures my cell phone captured:
-The Basilica the first time I saw it.

-A pop bottle christmas tree at Gödör

-The East Side Gallery in Berlin

-Freaky ad that reminded me of my boss.

-Terrifying Ink Shop that thought we were ripping them off, when they clearly were ripping us off.

-Our garden tea party.

-Chess in my neighbourhood. The one guy is playing everyone.

-Wool for felting.

-A view from a cafe.

-A dip I thought twice about before ordering.

-The market in summer... RASPBERRIES.

-Things not to be thrown in the plastic bin: bombs (or unicum bottles), kifli, entire turkeys, tejföl.

-The Beach in Denmark... in September. More about that another time though.
FYI blogger doesn't even have an underline feature - this is another reason why I don't blog very often. BLOGGGGEERRRR!!!!!!

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  1. Hello!

    I enjoyed these photos.

    Please post more stories of adventures with Rosa Parks. ;)

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