Sunday, October 25, 2009


I have FINALLY unpacked. I have been really lazy since I got here and I still haven't figured out what time it is. The other night I was up until 4 am and then proceeded to sleep in until 3 pm the next day. THREE PM! WHO DOES THAT? Anyways, this morning I forced myself to get up at 9 am... I was so proud of myself when I did roll out of bed. However, my ipod had changed with day-light savings time so I had actually slept in until 10. Just when I thought I had it all figured out Europe has to go ahead and fall back. That means, I think, for the time being I am only 7 hours ahead of Alberta but only until you kids fall back as well. I might be wrong though, because instead of learning time zones in grade eight we were doing a hockey pool. By "we" I mean the boys and our teacher were doing a hockey pool and us teen angsty girls were being sent to the principals office.

So I have now officially unpack completely and rearranged my 1960s bedroom. Here are pictures of my new place:

-My bed, my coffee table and my sweet sweet lamp.

- Could quite possibly be the best plug-in in the entire WORLD.

-The other side of the room... Oh what are those on the little cupboard???

- Well that is my new friend... Trent... He is pretty talented.

-And that... Well, that is his completely nude friend.... she is just doing her hair.

- It was finally sunny (I of course am inside being lame) so it was hard to take a picture of my desk.

-My excellent vase.

-The view of the tree outside my window reminiscent of "The Birds".

-The bath/sink/laundry room... Not to be confused with the toilet room.

- Could that be any cuter?

-I feel like I am on cribs. So here are the contents of the fridge....

-The kitchen.

-And finally the kitchen light... How I love this apartment!


  1. I am loving the new digs Jill! It felt like I was flipping through my parents old photo albums... sans the cool decorations and fixtures.

  2. Do you have a shower....or do you clean your body where you clean your clothes????? I'm confused....