Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My first few days!

So it turns out that outside my window isn't bird suburbia at all but mistletoe. Some of the other things I have learned in the last two days are:
  • The bus is extremely packed at 5pm... I read an English magazine over someone's shoulder today.
  • Ikea is under 20 minutes from my house and EXACTLY the same as back home. I bought a $3 pillow and a $15 duvet cover.
  • A delicious, fresh sandwich made just down the street from my office is 4 Canadian dollars... A Gyros is even less.
  • Our washer drains onto our floor - Hooray for the bonding moment for my roommate and I as we cleaned up a HUGE puddle of water.
  • In banks you take a number and wait to be called... This wait can be mere seconds or an hour.
  • People say "See Ya" to say both hello and good bye. This of course is just what I hear and say back... I doubt this is how it is spelt.
  • The ketchup here is delicious... I can't say the same about the mayonnaise.
  • I live above a place where non-profit groups have office space. There is a choir that meets there, a ski (or ice-skating) club and last but not least an association for people who... wait for it... Oh this is sooo good... TRAIN CARRIER PIGEONS! Can you believe it? CARRIER PIGEONS!!
That is about all I have for you now. Oh! I have a cell phone (pictured) and if you were to call me it would be free (for me - not for you) and I would hear the best ringtone in the world (Chris K - I give you two guesses as to the song it plays). Anyways it was with me this morning on my way to work...

- I taught myself how to bluetooth pictures to my phone (Photobooth with Highschool friends made the cut).

-The court yard.

- The very skinny second story balcony leads to our office.

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  1. umm... let me see... it took me some days to think about that. :-P

    I suppose it's not "may the road rise with you, may the wind [and so on]"... but it would be great to have that ringtone^^

    well I would guess EITHER gronlandic edit by of montreal OR gobbledigook by sigur ros!