Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ahhh Consignment Shopping

I had Tuesday off of work so I finally had a chance to walk around, take some pictures and get a bit of shopping done in the daylight, when everything is open. Note the new pictures on the right.

People keep saying that the clothing here is expensive and well, it is. If you are going to the malls and all the real stores it costs the same as in Canada. My bus route to work passes by all sorts of consignment stores and thrift shops. I am not entirely sure which the particular store I went to was but they are all over the city. They have a British flag on their sign and are called Angol or Anglo or something like that, which means English - I think... This language is wild. On some days there are huge line-ups of people waiting for the store to open so I was pretty excited to finally get to see what is on the inside.


Everything was under 2000Ft (OOOOOooooo a new currency for most of you... You now have the same joy as I do converting everything you see into CAD). I am pretty sure that everything there was new, hooray for me! I also figured out why there were line-ups are particular stores. I think on certain days you can buy clothes by the kilo - Again, AWESOME. There were racks, upon racks, upon racks, upon racks of clothes. You name it, it was there.

I know what you are thinking...

Were there fur vests?

YES - A whole corner dedicated to them! Which is saying a lot because this was in no way a large store.

I found some shirts that I am very excited to wear but I was so overwhelmed with the place I forgot that I was there because I wanted some sweaters... Another day I guess.

Budapest, as far as I can tell, is full of shoe stores. I love it! Shoes almost always fit and my self-esteem is in no way harmed when I have to ask for a larger size. There are the most beautiful boots everywhere but they are pretty expensive... But wait! there are knock-offs EVERYWHERE! They aren't nearly as nice but they are under 5000Ft.

Other than that, my next goal in this lovely city is to find a toaster. I don't think I can survive another week without toast.

Oh! I almost forgot, I have had some blatant requests for weather reports in Budapest and I can imagine if he knew how to email my Dad (Hi DAD!!! I bet the weather network has world weather reports a couple times a day - I hope Budapest makes the cut!) would also want to know what the weather was like. This is a topic in which I find zero interest, but since I love most of you...

It has been cold and gloomy here... Sometimes cold and sunny... Today, it was cold and rainy. By cold I mean between 0 and 7 degrees. Sometimes it is cold enough for mittens, other days in the middle of the afternoon I want to take off my scarf. Also, it is dark here by 5 pm. There is no snow. There are some leaves but they look really pathetic.


  1. You are right, Jill. Dad checks the weather channel everyday to see what the weather is like in Budapest. It's time to start taking Vitamin D.

  2. Enjoyed reading about your shopping expedition since Christopher and I both really enjoy shopping...anywhere, anytime, any store, but particularly outlets like the one you describe.

    I will also have to start reading between the lines a little more carefully since jokingly you wrote that 'you only love most(but not all)of us'-- are we the ones who should go shopping, as cruel punishment, for one of those fur vests?????