Sunday, December 6, 2009

An Episode of Perogies

If you avidly stalk me on Facebook you would already know that I made Perogies for American Thanksgiving here... This was one very, very long day and I documented the entire thing. I was inspired to write this post because I read this AMAZING blog and sometimes she does cooking posts like this and imitation is the best form of flattery.

-In order to start an entire day in the kitchen one must begin with a cup of coffee with Long Lasting Tej.

- Delicious Christmas style oranges and market onions and potatoes...

-Four Eggs

-Fun Fact: You can buy six eggs or you can buy ten... Eggs are not cheaper by the dozen here. They are cheaper by the umm ten I suppose. I bought mine from a cute old lady in the "not for tourists" zone of the market. She thought I wanted apples for a long time... The tourist zone is much easier to shop in.

-We don't seem to have measuring devices in the apartment...

- But I once heard a you could measure one cup in a tea cup... Thank goodness we had tea cups.

-Salt is located in bowls in Hungary and if it is in a shaker it doesn't shake. I don't understand it and its powdery ways.

-This is the strangest peeler I have ever used...

- Here is a very deep pot filled with potatoes - the picture does not give justice to how deep that pot is and how weird that potato on the top is shaped.

- A sub-par mashing device or perhaps an entirely too large whisk.

-I made cheese and potato and onion, leek, dill and potato... A lot of the dill ones met a certain fate as you will see later.

- Dough recipe number one... Dough recipe number two was much more successful. Or it could have been that by the time I got to the second batch of dough the filling was finally cold and thus the whole process was easier.

-When rolling dough you need a rolling device... I had a wine bottle, half full... Thank goodness the cork didn't come out while making these.

-Look at me go! You must be so proud right now... Mom, Chris Popek, Brittney - I can see your tears of pride!!!

-This was Round 42. Rounds 1-41 were ummm interesting. There would have been at least 16 occasions had my Mom been in the kitchen where she would have told me to just leave already she will do it herself... That being said had Krista been there too she wouldn't have been allowed to fold more than one perogi.

-What the hell was I thinking.

- When I went to the BVS Orientation we had to cook in food groups. One of the recurring issues that we had working as a group was that I like to try every utensil in the kitchen at least once until I find the best one. The same goes for bowls.

- I then had to take two metros to the location of the dinner... Some of the perogies were lost in the long vogage.

- Boiled and tossed in butter and onion...

- Some of the fantastic WSCFers from various countries after our delicious dinner...

- Left-overs swimming in butter... Oh, did I mention they were served with fresh sour cream from the stand in the market where you can bring your own bottles to and they will fill with fresh milk? Well they were... and that sour cream was unbelievable.

-I was so proud of myself.

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