Friday, December 4, 2009

Homesick-ish and Learning Hungarian

It has been a long time since I have posted. I hope this isn't a trend I mean it wasn't like I was posting because I am having SOOOO MUCH FUN here... It was actually because I am just crazy busy. Some fun - Some not so much.

The novelty of Budapest has worn off slightly and I am frustrated with how different things are here. Everything takes a lot of thought and it makes me tired. Here is a short list of things that are different here: Light switches, toilets, toilet paper, toilet paper holders, door knobs, locks, fridges, stoves, food, places where you buy the food, busses, trains, the way you write the date, the way you write the time, the currency, the language, the way you have to kiss someone when you say hi and bye, the couples that make out in front of you everywhere, the constant rain, the construction sites that you are allowed to walk through, the power outlets, the coffee, the milk, the constant need for slippers regardless who's house you are in, the heating systems, the hot water tanks, the lack of recycling, the margarine, the lack of sliced bread, the lack of black pepper, the small stores, etc, etc etc...

That all being said I still have to pinch myself sometimes when I find really neat things here... They have the best homemade yogurt in the markets, delicious pasteries, rice pudding, really great chocolate, bizarre bars and lounges, unbelievably beautiful bridges and buildings, cheap beer, hot wine, interesting jewelry, cheap shoes everywhere, an interesting music scene, hot chocolate that is just a bowl of melted chocolate, huge leaves on the streets, etc, etc, etc...

Today I had my first Hungarian lesson and it is an unbelievably difficult language to pronounce and there are all kinds of vowels. But my teacher is super nice and the tea shop we were in is my new favorite place in Budapest. Behind a curtain, in a normal looking cafe, though a large area full of pillows to hang out on, through a small tunnel, up a short stair case in a mirrored hallway, along a two-by-four and up a rope ladder and onto a balcony is where we sat. Our tea came through a hole in the wall. I love Budapest!

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  1. Good work Jill! Very proud of you! Now you need to be a nice little Dutch girl and make peppernuts! Missing you lots.