Thursday, February 18, 2010

Trying to Sound Interesting.

My life has become slightly mundane, hence the lack of postings. I once heard that you shouldn't blog about day-to-day monotony. Wise advice, because otherwise there would have been about ten entries about how much I like the song "Office Down" by Carolyn Mark and NQ Arbuckle, the greek salad I made without olives and my love hate relationship with instant coffee.

Last weekend I did something slightly interesting.

On Friday night I went to a concert. A real sit-down concert in a pretty building... Very classy. The music was fantastic - the band was a Gyspy folk band that played in front of pictures of a trip they took to India. It was really cool and because of this and the fact that her Majesties' Royal Mail delivered my bilingual Canadian Peanut Butter the day was almost one hundred percent perfect. (Could there be a better mail delivery? Name it. I dare you).

You know what kills a great day?

Dropping your phone in the toilet.

I am not going to give details because I am already disgusted by the fact I had my phone near a bathroom. There are certain rules about what should go in a bathroom. Phones and other electronics really shouldn't be there but sometimes, when you have nowhere else to set
them, this rule has to be broken. A bathroom rule that should under no circumstances be broken is the one about FOOD entering a bathroom, or worse bathroom stall. Also, I would prefer it if you spit your gum out before sitting down.

Anyway, a night on the radiator cleared up the wet phone issue - though now whenever I touch it all I can think of is the ass-water that has evaporated from it. Barf.

I also made pancakes this past weekend - for other people even! I burnt the majority of them because it was the first time I have ever made them. Never made pancakes? How strange, I know! I have never really liked them, you see. I have decided that not liking a food is stupid and that I will learn to like everything - except beets (if anything but roasted) and cooked cauliflower. Also, all the brussel sprouts out there can listen up - you have had your chance and you taste like what I imagine my ass water phone would taste like - You will not be part of my food liking mission any more. Back to the point about pancakes - my guests didn't complain about the burntness because they are nice and I let them smother them in peanut butter (the pancakes, not themselves, you people out there are weirdos).

In other news, I still can't speak Hungarian, and I have a cold.

Also! It is lent. I seriously considered giving up chocolate or perhaps even alcohol but then on Monday morning I ate a cherry liquor chocolate. Imagine 40 days without wine - CRAZY!!!! So instead I am promoting this campaign with work - You should join too (There will be a new bible study up each week and it is really quite an incredible resource for all y'all church folks out there).

I am going to try and avoid bakeries as well... Between writing and posting this I accidentally visited the bakery across the street. There is always next year I guess.


  1. Good for you for feasting on pancakes smothered in calories. After all, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday just before the beginning of Lent are considered Shrove days. When I was a kid nobody had ever explained what Shrove meant, but we did eat pancakes on the Tuesday. (I now know it means a special period for going to confession AND a season of festivities just before Lent...maybe a confession resulting from all the sins committed during the Shrove day festivities including the sin of gluttony!!!!!!) And this week reading the Calgary Herald, I discovered that Shrove Tuesday is now called "Fat Tuesday". So all along, 'Shrove' was just a euphemism for 'fat'.
    By the way is there a "Queen of Hugs" in Hungary?
    love, auntie chris

  2. Hello there Jill. We pancaked last week too. Your rant about the phone in the toilet made me smile. Ed loves his iPhone so much because he can read online on the can ... go figure...
    take care and keep writing,