Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Parents are working with the Hungarian Posta...

I arrive home from a week long trip to the land of wind and rain (Denmark and Sweden) to an early Easter present from my parents. They like to send holiday themed packages so I knew I shouldn’t open it up… but surprises are for Christmas.

-I feel like the use of this many stamps was my Father's idea.

You know what makes a girl like me happy – FOOD. Do you know what this box contained… Canadian food!

We are talking Goldfish, homemade nuts and bolts, Canadian Quaker Instant-Oatmeal (Maple and Brown Sugar? Yes, Please!!!), Quaker Oatmeal (you know for those mornings when you have an extra minute or two to bring down your cholesterol after a post-nuts and bolts binge session), CHOCOLATE, and Jelly Bellies.


The socks we nice too!

Another part of the recipe of success for arriving home is when you leave a city when it is freezing cold and annoying to come home and it is 20 degrees ABOVE zero. FINALLY! It is so nice here you I can hardly describe it… It is like Valleyview in June.

We ate OUTSIDE last night! OUTSIDE!!! It is still March people! MARCH!

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