Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Canadians in Budapest

Dearest Blog,

I am so back-logged with information to publicly share. Like this one time I met an Olympic Fencer from Brooks dressed as Axel Rose. Or like this other time, I had a birthday bbq, complete with sangria and beer and meats and salad and salsa and everything. And then there was this other time I had a second birthday meal complete with mexican food (a la Jill) and wine and a 'cake' made by my wonderful temporary flatmate by layer crepes, raspberry creme and cinnamon and sugar over and over again. OH! and that other time I planned a three person stand up comedy bit entitled "This One Time"... I am sure I will update you on all these occasions at another time (but knowing my track record I doubt it).

A couple of weeks ago I had two friends come to Budapest and what tourists we were. We went to all sorts of places, walked every street, went to a museum or two, spa-ed together, and went to every seedy underground bar I could show them. My lungs and liver appreciated the break once they left - showing people around is tough work.

Apperently, they brought summer with them and then took it back to Canada. JERKS - right? I am sorry Budapestians, Budapesters, Budapestinites, whatever you call yourselves, that was my fault... But now that I have appologized for my actions can you please stop with the wind and the rain and the cold?

I am now going to post a bunch of pictures that my lovely guests took of things I see all the time and forget how interesting they are. So, in no particular order whatsoever I present to you random Bp pictures:

-A staircase that i forgot looks TERRIFYING.

-Forest Gump Goes to Budapest.

During this particular photo shoot I was attempting to buy tickets to get into the Parliament. Let me break down this process for you as it is the perfect example for how many things work here:
1) Get the only guard in the parking lot wandering near the sign that says "Ask guard about the tours" to come over to the little fence to talk to you.
2) Ask him for more tour details... He says "Tickets" I respond "Yes" while pointing to our group. His response " One person can go to door number 10" and lets me through the gate.
3) Cross the completely empty parking in front of a crowd of tourists while cursing your grade 8 math teacher for doing a hockey pool instead of teaching you Roman Numerals [I think this is the second time I've cursed him in this blog... You think I would be over this by now but it turns out grade 8 math is the most relevant to real life]. Walk slower until someone with a camera around their neck comes out of door X. Go through that door.
4) Wait in line behind while two separate couples purchase (for free because they are from the EU) tickets for the German tour as the English tour is full. Both of the couples express that they don't speak German but will take what the can get.
5) Arrive at the ticket window (note there are no signs in the office indicating times of the tours or ticket prices) and ask if there are any spots in the English tour. Ticket woman asks "where we are from" and I say "Canada, but one of us has an EU passport (smelly British)".
6)Ticket woman tells you yes there is still room on the English tour (Cheer quietly for Canada - take that EU couples).
7) Tell the ticket woman that you don't have the EU passport with you and if it is going to cost 3500 HUF (WHOA!) you will have to run outside to confirm everything and get the passport...
8) Ticket woman scratches your names off the list and tells you that you might as well just come back tomorrow.
9)Take walk of shame back across the parking lot. Awesome. Good times. Maybe next time I will be more prepared.

-Tiny panoramic picture of two Sears models and half a man in a park.

-Paper car.

-Look at how hot it looks outside... That is because summer here is apparently one week long and then it becomes rainy monsoon freezing season.


-Terror house... The third time I tried to visit was finally a success as the first two times it was mysteriously closed (or a Monday but we will never know...).

-The National Museum. I ate my first of three birthday dinners here during the 15 minutes last week when it was warm.

-I never thought my old apartment building was this scary looking. Eventually I will show you my new neighbourhood - complete with fountains and benches.


After finding this mushroom I have a new found advantage in this city. I am not telling you where the one-up is though.

-A local bar as seen from the second floor.

-Just hanging in a car, in a bar. Rhyming.

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