Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Day in the City without Mishap

I really debated telling this story to anyone at the time that it happened.... I thought to myself, "you never have to admit you did this... it is ok..." But I am running out of material so here we go:

The other day I spent the entire day running around the city. It was freeeeaaaaking hot outside and so humid - I can only imagine how interesting I must have looked on the 1000 degree bus. I was so proud of myself, I didn't get lost once... I went to return a phone, understood that I had to go to a repair shop, went to a repair shop, understood (via a translator) that I in fact would be able to get the phone repaired for free. This combined with the fact that I had found my dentist appointment the day before. "I am a success story. I have conquered the public transit system even without being able to read the signs or understand the bus driver announcements or why they sometimes come out of their booths just to yell at us."

THEN ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. My title to this post was a complete lie. There are various vehicles of transit here: Trams that run on tracks above ground - basically street cars like on the opening credits of Full House. Buses - these are buses. Trolley Buses - red buses that are attached to the electrical lines; and three Metro lines. Oh and the night bus... That part of the story advanced the plot in no way. I just wanted to let you know that on a daily basis, I ride a vehicle like DJ from Full House did.

While riding the tram back and forth all day, I noticed that that it runs to a train station... because the second word is "pályaudvar" - I am such a sleuth. I noted the name of it and thought, "I bet that is the train station I take the metro to, to pick up the girl I tutor from school. Why have I been taking the metro there? I don't like the metro... You have to go down stairs and up stairs and stand on an escalator because no one moves and this weird wind hits you and the metro station is so far away from work, and the tram stop is right in front of work"

I couldn't believe for the last six months I have been taking a round-a-bout way to this school every week. How silly of me! My new "dentist going - phone repairing" self had figured out a better way to get to Buda!

The smart thing to do would have been to double check the train station's name because there are probably 6 in the city...

I rode the tram for twenty minutes going further and further into Buda and got off at a train station in which I have NEVER seen before. FAIL, EPIC FAIL. This kid is 9 years old, and I am now half way across the city. There is never a problem a taxi can't solve though.

Well that is officially the blandest story I have ever told - in the recent past I have also shown up at the wrong bar for a drink with a friend. TWICE. One of which is on the top of a seven story building (I had taken the stairs - and as noted above you know how I feel about stairs).

So to recap: I am a joke and Hungarian words are hard to remember.

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  1. A seven story building where the elevator to the bar didn't work, I wonder what building that could be...