Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Newer Home.

I moved at the beginning of June to my very own flat [sic]. It has everything a girl could want. Kitchen with en suite bathroom, Stolen road sign, window that opens out onto the street (tres chic or door for mosquito), a tv nightstand, a cat garbage can (I don't like cats but I don't mind putting my garbage in them), a pink wall, a green wall and a turquoise wall.

More importantly it comes with a landlord from heaven (baked goods, delectable cuisine and arts and crafts projects all conveniently located across the hall). I am just a few blocks from the river, an island and an amazing bakery (excellent ice cream and pretty cookies to look at though I have not tried them). OH! and a bike (named Rosa Parks - more pictures of her another time).

I love it and rarely wear pants anymore (the things with legs, British people) which the locals who frequent, what appears to be a snow white themed bar, probably appreciate.

Tour? Sure why not!

-Welcome to my Kitchen... to the left of my washing machine is my bathroom.

-Upgrades will include a mirror... All in good time. Lowering the quality of the blog one picture of a bathroom at a time.

-Exiting my kitchen/entry way you can find my living/bedroom.

-Couch that turns into a bed... glamorous.

-Dining room, Junk table and bed.

-Must hang art soon...

-Yes, my friends, that was a wicked awesome tv night stand.

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