Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wine Country AKA Death Mountain

I have never, ever, ever, been so hot in my entire life. I have swam in hot springs, I have camped in George, Washington (he he) in a tent in an open field in the desert, I have roasted on beaches in snazzy locales such as Costa Rica, Mexico and Slave Lake, Alberta... But nothing can compare to Tokaj, Hungary. Nothing. Though I have no idea what the temperature people told me it was probably between 35-38 degrees...


There was no wind, there was humidity, there was no beach.

That is not festival weather my friends, that is not a situation in which to be camping, carrying a backpack with tent, to be drinking (because it is wine country- people), eating soup (because it is a specialty), tenting, try Fény for the first time (carbonated vodka - the only thing that should be carbonated is water, with syrup, NOT vodka and syrup... BLECH) etc...

Conditions such as theses lead to profuse sweating, making fun of british people and swimming in the dirtiest river I have seen outside the Danube.

In other news, I had a great weekend away, I fell in love with Furmint Fröccs,watching people trip over tent lines and the band Groove Armada. The linked video doesn't do them justice, because there are no unitards worn by a woman with an undercut.

Also, who knew that Hungary would have such great ac/dc and Guns and Roses cover bands: AB CD and Hollywood Rose. So original.

Without further ado here are some images:

-I honestly wonder what we are expected to do on this train?

- For my Dad: A picture of a sunflower field... They also grow corn and what looked like barley or something... It is you, who taught me the art of taking thousands of pictures of fields.

-Small town with oh so many wires.

-And that, my dear, is where babies come from.

-Our leftover bacon...

-Cutest little square in the world! I could have spent hours here complaining about how hot I was... Oh wait...

-More cute square, fountain in which we drank from; shade in which we complained in.

-"Can I sit on those stair and complain"... "Why yes you can Jill, yes you can"

-That is right, you know how to close off the cutest square in the world Tokaj
-All right plant people, show me your skills... WHAT IS THIS!?! More importantly, can I eat it?

-Fröccs... You say wine spritzer, I poorly pronounce Fröccs.

-But all is all right in the world... because this is where you buy the best Fröccs in the world.

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