Thursday, March 3, 2011

That would be four

Today I won my second free album this week. This brings my tally up to four free albums from CBC Radio 3. It also brings my music pirating down a level which makes me feel better about stealing music from musicians that can't afford it.

So far I have collected (prepare yourself for a terrible music review):

The Great Depression by The Common Grackle who I had never heard of but this song is worth checking out (because they say 'no shave November' and swear a lot; which I like in a song).

Outside In by Julie Fader which is pretty, pretty and what not.

Too Beautiful to Work by The Luyas. I haven't heard it yet but it is probably good.

Degeneration Street by The Dears. From what I can tell, this album is going to be fan-tastic.

In other news, I have run out of ideas to blog about. At the moment I am obsessed with North Korea; in particular, the story about how the South Koreans sent messages about the revolutions via balloons. On a lighter note, I am also keeping track of the downfall of Charlie 'Bi-Winning' Sheen #Tigerblood.

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