Sunday, April 17, 2011

Land of Rye Bread and Salmiakki

My job has become very job like the past month and a half or so. This leads me to fall behind on other such things such as blogging. I think that’s ok though – the ten people who read this have probably realised by now that this is rarely updated with any exciting stories or embarrassing moments.

I took a very swanky KLM flight to Helsinki. There were sandwiches and chocolate bars and I didn’t have to wait in a low-cost flight, cattle call for a seat. I thought I was in luxury but I was seated behind first class so I could see their glass cups of high quality beverages and English newspapers. My jealousy could not been evaded by the silly curtain that divided us.

For all you fans of weather trends I left a very sunny 19° C in Budapest for the -5° C in Finland. I had to pack a winter coat and mittens. We all laughed when someone at work suggested that a summer camp in the Finnish country-side at the end of March was a bad idea. We should have listened.

Helsinki was full of expensive food, snow, and incredible wind. I spent too much money on duty-free Finnish alcohol, a key chain, and a teeny purse from Maimekko. The rest of Finland that I saw had a lot of rocks and trees. It was very much like Jasper - minus the mountains and elk walking through the town. Our conference venue had a sauna so we did the roll in the snow after roasting in a 90 degrees ritual - Neat!

-So creepy! I like it!

-Retro Ladies.

-Under no circumstance were Yorkies allowed.

-Also creepy.

-Note the ice.

I came back to Budapest only to find that spring had disappeared and been replaced by chilly weather and wind that makes biking to work incredibly aggravating.

My parents, Piebs and Neta, arrive this week... Can you imagine all the high-jinx that will ensue?

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