Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmastime in Vienna

Where to begin.... I haven't posted in a long time and SO much has happened. Really! I am a changed person. There have been so many epiphanies... You really have no idea.


Had you there for a second! I am not that interesting...

I went to spend Christmas in Vienna with Valerie (an exchange student who lived in Valleyview for a year) and her family. It was nice to be with someone who knows the same people as you and who has known you for more than six weeks. Funny story - I almost missed my train because of the combination between a twenty-four hour time schedule, and a two sided piece of paper. Good times, good times!

We had a big meal for Christmas Eve and then angels brought our Christmas gifts and we opened them. Magical! I don't know how they make kids believe that story. After gifts and Val, her brothers and I headed to a tiny neighbourhood pub and spent the evening with a big group... Boxing day I spent wandering the city, buying coffee in every cafe as they were really the only places open, going out for sushi, and going for "traditional" Viennese coffee... Much the same as going for any other coffee but in a prettier cafe and with richer cake.

-This isn't the traditional one - but it certainly is a chai latte that you cannot find in Budapest.

The rest of my holiday I worked on a Christmas present and caught up on movies. Oh also I preempted the Christmas card picture!

-A lot of American strangers were thinking of me!

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