Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Park Full O'Statues

Long time no Blog.

This past weekend I had two CANADIANS come to visit me. We talked quickly to one another about people we knew. It was nice. I also made them walk around the city and up a mountain in the freezing cold. I only got lost twice and they only knew I was lost once. We were followed by Australian tourists once because we look like we knew what we were doing.

Here is a blog entry I wrote weeks ago and never posted from my Christmas vacation...

Look to your right! I have a new album up! A group of us got together with our very own Hungarian tour guide to visit the Monument Park. To fit the description of the USSR that we were taught in grade nine Social class we chose the coldest afternoon possible to head out to the middle of nowhere while a storm brewing over our heads. It was bone chilling cold and my camera died. GAH! It was so cold that day! They let us wear baggies on our feet to keep our shoes clean. Laughter and jokes ensued like you wouldn't believe.

You can read more about this place here.

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  1. i have lots of pictures from this place if you want to pretend they're yours. just substitute the sunny june day for your snowy december one...

    from: christina b.