Wednesday, January 13, 2010


And then the bus drivers went on strike...

Some of the bus lines are still running though which is the case for my route. "Awesome," I thought to myself "This won't really be a problem for me".

Boy was I wrong!
(*I have only been listening to the CBC Radio 3's "Sunshine Show" podcasts and it is makes me talk like an old man... I love it).

The first bus yesterday morning didn't even bother to pull over. The second bus was so crowded I couldn't fit so I had to walk to the metro line. My usual 25 minutes to get to work turned into about 50. This morning, again the bus was too full at my stop to I walked to the next stop and decided, "screw it, I can be all pushy too" and got on the next bus. However, so did everyone else at the other stops. The ride was like a nice hug from someone you love.

By "nice" - I mean smelly...
By "hug"- I mean pressed against dirty coats...
By "someone you love" - I mean grumpy old men and women wearing fur coats.

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  1. Are you sure you're not somewhere in Siberia? Check your geographical co-ordinates.
    love, auntie chris