Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back Where I Come From... and Other Towns that Shouldn't be on a Map of Canada

Below you will find a map my co-ordinator had found from 1963 (or 67), it doesn't matter. What matters is that it was a map of the entire country, minus the territories (they didn't count quite yet) and these are the towns that made the cut. These are literally like legendary places for me, I don't know how many times I heard:

- "You know the so and so boy from Belloy who married that Nampa girl who owns the hair shop in Spirit...",
-"Old man so and so from Codesa always used to say (insert Polish phrase not translated to the children)" or,
- "May 29, 1968, it was a Monday I believe, and me and so-and-so (you know who lived a mile past where Paluskis live now) were on the Watino bridge and we saw a wild boar".

- I can guarantee that stories like the above examples are being shared here. The young one on the end doesn't quite believe them. He is waiting for them to start telling dirty jokes, or trying to casually steal a bottle of vodka from the table. Judging from redness of the faces though, there isn't going to be much vodka in the bottle. Missing from the picture is the uncle that knows exact dates and times of all events, ever...

Ok, but back to my point. These places literally don't exist anymore. Well, they exist in the sense that there are still a couple of people there and maybe a hall. Sometimes there might be a fair or plowing competition. Oh and I have a couple family members that still hang out there, and raise kids there and grow grain and stuff... I just don't know if these 'towns' would make the map of Canada cut anymore...

These aren't the best pictures in the world, perhaps you can hit alt and then the plus button or press alt and then scroll the little wheel on your mouse and zoom in on them. Did you know your computer does that? Does your computer do that? My Mac can do it but it is an easier process - of course.

Or lean in closely, put your glasses in your mouth and move your face really close to the screen (because you are near sighted obviously).

-Maybe I have gone to far - they still make the "google map" cut but I just don't think they will ever get street view.

But more importantly, I have driven to Little Smokey a thousand times. Where the hell is Asplund? Why does Asplund make the cut and not Sweat House? Or New Fish Creek for that matter? Was this map made before Valleyview was founded? THIS IS CRAZY!

-The ficticious land of Asplund did not even make it on to Google maps... Because it isn't REAL.


  1. OK, Jill, there is one other suggestion you might have given us -- like bring your magnifying glass to the computer screen!!
    Now, I can't believe that, if (in the 1960s) places like Blueberry Mountain, Cherry Point, Bad Heart, Triangle, and Peoria were given on the map, DEADWOOD was not. What a gross omission. If I was a Deadwooder or Deadwoodian or a Deadwoodite, I would have been quite upset.
    love, auntie chris

  2. Whoa whoa whoa. I'm from Bad Heart, and I'm shocked that you are comparing Bad Heart to Deadwood. It's true, neither of them is a Peoria or Blueberry Mountain, but fact that Deadwood has actual residents can't compare to the Bad Heart Straw Church. I mean, it's made of straw!

  3. That is officially the most hilarious video ever!

    I have to say though - I have never heard of anyone from deadwood.

  4. It is the directions at the end that are the icing on the cake.