Sunday, August 15, 2010

Berlin - Round Four.

Once again, long time - no post. Well it isn't really my fault really. You see, procrastinators should never start a blog. Also, people who don't like to keep a journal. I am perhaps the worst combination ever for starting this endevour... Oh well, that being said. Here we go:

A couple of weeks ago I was tootling around Europe for work. First, I went to the UK for the first time EVER (not including a short lay-over in Heathrow in June). So EXCITING! Rachael (my co-worker and tourist extrodinaire) and everyone I saw will tell you how very excited I was to be in London, even Birmingham. It was just like it is in the movies! I have an album up of some of the touristy things Rachael and I went to see.

Highlights include:
-Experiencing the 4th Dimension in the London Eye movie you have to watch before you go... Don't worry, it didn't take us back in time - but it most certainly threw bubbles, foam and water at us.
-Watching Avenue Q. Puppets should not do or say somethings...
-Fish and Chips
-Spending a week on a tiny farm playing Sardines. It was just like summer camp - but with wine and cider and no bed time.

After London, I headed over Berlin for a retreat. We had one free day in the city and I did some of my favorite things. Eat fries with mayo, shop for shoes and go into every single second hand shops I could find and not commit to buying a single thing.

-Though the London Eye video doesn't take you back in time... Stores in Berlin can.

Hello Retro shoes! If I wore these kind of shoes I would totally buy all of you. ALL OF YOU! Especially you, Asymmetrical, army green shoes. ESPECIALLY YOU!

-Watch out... I have found my wedding dress. Yes, it is hooded.

-So cute you little Berlin flower bed!

-A church everyone must see.

But, after my travels it was so good to return home to what was once this:

And it now this:

-Ah, Bliss.

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