Friday, January 28, 2011

Me Montage...

Prague is a very pretty city full of museums and beautiful buildings and what not. I mean look at this pretty picture in black and white - Classy!


Don't let that fool you though - I found the most childish exhibit and spent my hard earned money to play with junk... It. Was. Awesome.

-Pop-bottle vines! They were all filled with other junk.

-Like Barbie heads...

- The quiet chair... so we found out later. It wasn't anything spectacular... but look - you could write on the walls!

-My hands are huge! That mirror is just like real life.

-This bike is just a really big whistle.

-Incredibly heavy blocks that were next to impossible to stack... Get out of my way kids.

-My friends eyes... just really magnified and weird like.

-A marble game we weren't able to play because of all the little brats running around like this was some sort of interactive exhibition meant for children.

-Encourage children to understand science... or encourage adults to make scary poses and reenact ipod commercials.

-The colouring section. We thought we could make something WAY prettier... We couldn't.

-Some kids leave the strangest warnings...

-This is a musical instrument. You can't tell because I didn't take pictures of the keyboard and xylophone parts. It was the most beautiful thing and it moved and was pretty and blah blah blah... The pictures can not do it justice.

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