Friday, January 28, 2011

Tootling Around Europe - Busy, Busy

Oh hey there, hi there!

After my epic month of posting mindless dribble I took some time off for myself. There was laundry to do, left-over Christmas cookies to eat, road trips to go on, meetings to attend.

You can notice from my fancy-smancy new Flickr album that I travelled through the Hungarian country-side a few weeks ago. I won’t go into the Picasa vs. Flickr debate here but if you would like to have a little discussion about how terrible Picasa is I am all ears.

We drove towards Austria and found “Hungary’s Versailles” – I think the two of us were about 50% of the tourists they had there that week. It was pretty impressive but unfortunately under construction. It hosts a mirror that if you look into it you will become more beautiful. It worked.

We then went to a small town that was basically closed for the winter but, do not fear, the wineries were still open as was a really cute cake shop. We were content. The second day we accidently drove into Austria for about 15 minutes and then visited another tiny village. The one thing I learned was small towns in Europe are prettier than small town in Canada. Chalk one up for Europe.

I am trying to make this sound more interesting but I have spent the past two days writing minutes. It is difficult not telling you what decisions were made and report on database building. My mind has turned into carrots.

I have also travelled to and from the immigration office three times and am still without a real visa. This wasn’t nearly as exciting as the countryside.

Finally, I was in Prague for ten days working with fabulous people, and touring around in snowstorms. More on this later when I figure out how to make things sound funny…

I will leave you with these though:

-This is a pretty garden

-This is a scary face

-This is a small town church

-This is a bit of Egypt in Hungary

-This is me, a Lonely Planet, and two glasses of wine


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