Friday, December 3, 2010

2.5 out of 5 Caribou

Last night I went to the Caribou concert in a bar that kinda looks like a parking garage. I have been a fan of the band for a bunch of years and every time they've come to Edmonton I either was busy, didn't have money or heard about it after the fact. So finally, I get to see them in Budapest. They were fantastic and they played Melody Day so I was a happy duck.

After the show we were just hanging out in the bar near the stage and Caribou 1 was cleaning up their stuff... They have to clean up their own things - incredible! Anyway, the lead guy I don't know his name, (I am a fan of music in the sense that I like to listen to music, I don't like to stalk the people and learn names. I can't even remember names of people I meet all the time, let alone strangers)... Whoa I forgot I even started a sentence there... ANYWAY, the lead guy was chatting to people next to the fence blocker thing so we went over and I awkwardly said "hi, thank you, you were great, blah blah blah Edmonton, I get to see you in Budapest, Egads, blah blah blah, oh god my friend is taking a picture with a cell phone, blah blah, awkward, Thanks, have a safe tour... " He on the other hand was completely wonderful, composed and literate - obviously not nearly as excited to meet me as I was to meet him.

Then next thing you know, while an acquaintance and I were trying to meet strangers by saying weird things to them we randomly ended up in line for the bar behind two more Caribou members. The acquaintance says "Hi" really loudly and I say, "CAN YOU BELIEVE LESLIE NIELSON IS DEAD?!" and Caribou 2 says, "I know, crazy hey" and I say "I am so sad!" and he says "You don't seem very sad" and I say "Yeah, I don't", because I am sort of sad but not that sad because I don't actually know Leslie Neilson, I just really liked Naked Gun movies so I don't appear to be that sad about the situation. Anyway the acquaintance takes off (hence he is not being referred to as a friend) so I awkwardly watch 2 and 3 Caribou take a shot of Palinka and not enjoy it. I chat weirdly with 2 about how long he is staying in Budapest, blah blah blah he lives in London, blah blah blah, neat, yada yada yada, he goes to clean up the band stuff, and I go to find acquaintance...

I was star struck and said star struck and awkward a million times...

But the point of the story was - the concert was AMAZING and find that one feels alive when hearing songs one loves performed live.

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