Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What I Should have Signed up for is Nothing

Next time I challenge myself to do something as ridiculous as blog once a day I am going to take my usual approach to goals and set them incredibly low, or not set them at all. If you don't set goals then when you don't achieve something you are happy and have no regrets. When you do achieve something you are incredibly happy. It is surprising how well you've done and it motivates to you try doing other things, though not setting up silly expectations for yourself.

Basically, the fact that I am once again behind on this stupid competition is making me feel guilty. It is just that I wish that the prompts were more like "tell us a story about the time you walked into a fire-hydrant while sober" or "why do you now pay for public transit?" or "what do people google to get to your blog?"

Well the story about me walking into a fire-hydrant isn't very good. It is just like all the other stories in which I run into things because I don't have a very good centre of gravity and my depth perception is sub-par. I pay for public transit because speaking fake French to ticket inspectors makes me feel guilty and look incredible stupid. As to the google searches - I have this message for you:

If you are looking for images of the Ampleman or directions for untying knots in balls of yarn you should probably look elsewhere.
Oh, and for the majority of you googlers the answer is Yes, I am a girl in Hungary and NO I am not interested in that.

Yesterday's prompt was instead about what I have learned to appreciate this year... But I have been reflective enough this month.

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