Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Imagine yourself in five years:

NO! Why would I do that?!

I am not a goal setter, I do not like to make big plans, I also don't want to think about being 29 because my hips will probably be 85 by that time.

Imagine yourself ten years ago:

At fourteen, I was unfortunate!

This is too stressful to think about and my week has already been very high-stress. Why? Because I have recently decided to become a nerd and watch Doctor Who. It is basically The X-Files (even though it came first) except it has terrible graphics, an attractive lead character and a moderately hilarious script. I am a huge baby, every episode scares me and I have to take a break when the music starts to get loud and daunting to prepare myself for the scary scenes.

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  1. I just watched some Doctor Who with Ben McKay on Saturday last. He will be happy to hear you've caught on.