Monday, December 6, 2010

Homemake This

The "last thing I made" question for today was incredibly fitting considering I woke up yesterday and somehow had turned into my sister.

After spending the entire morning in bed watching Harry Potter and the entire afternoon in the theatre watching Harry Potter, I spent the entire evening baking. Baking is not something I like, do on a regular basis or have the tools to use. The dishes you have to clean, the precise measuring, and my microwave sized oven create a recipe for failure. Ha-ha! She used the word recipe to explain something in a cooking story!! I will pause for your laughter.

Ok, moving on, a few days ago I made peppernut dough and thought I should probably stop eating it raw. So I rolled all those out and baked them about twenty at a time (due to oven restrictions). We are talking about a very small cookie here. After an hour or two of that I decided to keep on going. I have left over molasses from last weekend gingerbread party so I went ahead and made Molasses bread. Good with Jam, not with meat and cheese as my lunch today revealed.

If you want anywhere between 1-400 Peppernut cookies or know what else I should do to get rid of the molasses that doesn't involve baking it into fatty food that I can binge eat - let me know!

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