Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cultivating Wonder?! Smultivating Smonder!

I don't think I had time in the past year to "cultivate my wonderment". I think I was too concerned with figuring out how to live here and figure out what was going on.

"I wonder what they are saying on the bus behind me"

"I wonder how many times I can eat popcorn for dinner before if becomes a problem"

"I wonder if there will be egg nog in the stores in Hungary this year"

"I wonder what kind of meat that is behind the counter and how I should ask for it to be cut"

"I wonder if watching every single episode of the Daily Show will allow me to one day be an intern there"

"I wonder how many post-it notes is too many post-it notes"

"I wonder what George Bush said about Hungary... I wonder if this poster is funny"

"I wonder how much this t-shirt costs and if I can meet the designer - they are obviously hilarious."

"I wonder why fries aren't served like this EVERYWHERE"

"I wonder if anyone can tell I am reading the wikipedia article about Hare Krishna on my ipod while watching Hare Kristnas perform"

"I wonder what was going through my head when I thought this was a great time to travel"

"I wonder how I inspired a rapper cider"

For other such questions may I refer to you to my best friend after television... wikipedia.

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