Wednesday, December 15, 2010

5 Minutes, 1 Glass of Wine, 12 Months

Now to the real prompt for today. Five minutes to remember everything I want to remember in 2010. I am a glass of wine in - something tells me this will be fuzzy.

I found a song that is exactly that long and I am just going to type everything I remember over the course of the year so my apologies for the incoherent mess. There were not very many songs that length to choose from so I went with the one with the most depressing name. You shouldn't read into that.
  • Travelling to Berlin 3 seperate times on a 12 hour train in the middle of the day
  • Swimming naked in Denmark
  • Being offered free accommodation, bike, food, tea and kleenex in Copenhagen by a stranger when I was sick and travelling through
  • Seeing Avenue Q in London
  • Seeing LONDON and shopping in the longest street market I have ever seen
  • Eating street vendor fish in the Netherlands
  • Napping in a garden in the Hungarian "mountains" after eating BBQ food for six hours straight
  • Meeting my Grandmother's family on my own and eating baked pork fat... delicious and hard to explain
  • Buying an incredibly huge and heavy second hand sweater I didn't have room for in my backpack and dragging it around Denmark
  • Eating fresh bread in Munster and drinking tequila
  • Seeing the Alps from the window of a train.
  • Stopping at tiny train stations in Slovakia
  • Riding my neighbour's bike down the cutest street in Budapest every day this summer
  • Eating ice cream and walking down Andr├íssy
  • Playing endless games of werewolf with work people in public places
  • Speaking fake Germansta├č
  • Being trapped on a farm outside of Birmingham and playing sardines
  • Seeing your oldest friend marry her best friend after eating home-made cinnamon buns
  • Four wheeling on the back of a truck with the biggest, formally dressed wedding party through the roughest road and biggest puddles only to trample through the forest and over the rockiest beach - for the best pictures ever
  • Crying in the Calgary airport to the customs officers because I missed my plane home
Five minutes is up and there are probably about 39376 things I could list.

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  1. Sounds like one of the best years of your life... so far!