Wednesday, December 22, 2010


In 2010, I traveled with my ipod and thus with Matt Mays the maker of the ultimate traveling playlist. This turned me into an incredibly oblivious traveler but I am still alive and have never missed a connection. I think being slightly oblivious is better than my past traveling problem of falling asleep immediately upon entering a moving vehicle; as was the case during the "Sisters Fighting Across Europe" trip of 2004 . I still don't see how sleeping on the crowded metro in Paris, when we only have two stops to go, is a problem.

This isn't a problem I have nowadays- in fact, I hardly ever sleep in public any more. I used to be able to nap at any time and any place for upwards of an hour. Places I have taken naps include but are not limited to: the Plains of Abraham; the hallway of the Tory Building at the U of A; a tiny seminar room during a 10 person university seminar; public transit in two continents; in church; on my couch while watching How it's Made; in a theatre during the movies Spiderman and Alice in Wonderland; a government constituency office; in the food court in SUB, on a clean page of paper during every, single English 10 class; the student lounge in my highschool...

Being that I am no longer a student I have lost my napping powers.

Have I lost you? I would have stopped reading on the 8th of December if I were you...

Oh yes, as to the prompt, in 2011 I will continue to travel with my ipod full of pirated music and will probably continue to use various means of transportation.

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