Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh For the Love of Lists

There is honestly nothing I like more than lists! I could read a whole book of them and wish there were more books available in list form. I search for them on the internet when I am bored – I do not care what they are listing or who has determined their order. They are so interesting and perfect for someone with a short attention span. I am going to go on a limb here though - I don’t really like David Letterman’s lists. I feel he could do better – he has a room full of writers. The last time I actually watched that show was probably when I was 14 so perhaps I am shouldn’t judge him.

Without further ado 11 things my life doesn’t need in 2011:

11 – Dreher: This beer doesn’t taste good, I don’t know why I even think about drinking it.

10 – Perez Hilton: I should not care about the on goings of this website. However, I am not going to even attempt to stop reading it though, it helps with Pub Trivia .

9 – Constant email checking: There are probably real people I could be talking to.

8 – Lieing: It isn’t that I lie a lot, it is more that I just exaggerate.

7 – Procrastinating: BAH!!! Hahaha I won’t even try to attempt to stop this.

6 – Bad Sitcoms: I watch the Big Bang Theory and I think one character is funny. There is better television I should devote my time to.

This list is boring. It is like New Years Resolutions and Lent rolled into one. Boo on you stupid internet prompt. Because I can't leave things undone (lie - I have a half finished scarf on my shelf - it's still 2010 so I can do that) I am going to finish with the top five songs of 2010.

5 – Coeur de Pirate and Bedouin Soundclash: Brutal Hearts. I have really always hated Bedouin Soundclash, but once Jay Malinowski went slightly solo and started dating the Coeur de Pirate person things changed.

4- Carolyn Mark and NQ Arbuckle: Officer Down. This was actually more of a winter 2009 song but meh, it deserves to be famous. It is a little like Christmas, it isn't showy and it is a bit cheezy. I love it.

3- Jenn Grant: Sailing by Silverships. If you haven't seen Jenn Grant live you probably should make an effort. She is incredibly sarcastic and hilarious which makes for an excellent event.

2- Radiohead: Videotape. This list is getting more and more depressing as it goes on but this song is so good and I really liked the whole album. Oh Radiohead, I really like you.

1- Tegan and Sara: Call it Off. Not remotely a new song but a song I have listened to probably 47 times a week. I wouldn't read into the lyrics to determine my state of mind because I can't relate to it what-so-ever it is just a really good song.

So that list really has nothing to do with 2010 but I doubt there is a group of list-police reading through shoddy internet blogs. To cheer things up after that depressing list of music please see Hot Mess and Odessa because they would have made the list if I had given up on the first half of the list earlier. So much fun!

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